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10 best tips for training your puppy

puppy training

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Yay! So you finally got a new puppy! Aren’t they just adorable? But tragically, they also come with a lot of work. This means it’s time for puppy training!

We at Barkli Collective understand how exciting and overwhelming it is to get a new puppy. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’re a team of expert dog owners and vet students and we are here to guide you on what must be done! Our team has hands-on experience in dog training and will teach you exactly what you need to know to teach your dog to be obedient and establish a strong bond.

We will also recommend a couple of programs and products that we’ve found to be quite helpful! We’ve all have dogs of our own and they’re the obedient little fluffy balls we love today because of them.

1. Establish a routine for your puppy in his new home

Turns out every dog has their own personality!

Help shape that personality by making them feel comfortable at home as this will help them begin to identify their surroundings.

This way, you’ll be able to understand what the perfect routine is for your pup.

It might take some days depending on your pup, but you will be surprised on how quickly they ease into having a routine.. this is great because they’ll establish a timeline for your pup to follow each day!

A routine will give your puppy a feeling of safety and comfort in the daily life and I promise you will be surprised about how smart your dog is and how much they can understand.

We recommend following a training program of some sort. This will make it easier to crack the code of your dog’s intelligence and make them listen to you.

Our goto program for when training our dogs have always been this one by Adrienne Farricelli – we love how simple and fun yet effective her training is check it out for some GREAT tips on routine and puppy training.

2. Puppy potty training

Does your puppy still pee everywhere in the house?

Teach your pup that it’s not okay to pee and poop everywhere but that they have to either go on their eco-friendly pee pad like the Bark Potty or outside.

Also make sure you keep track of their bowel movements. Puppies go potty very quickly after eating or drinking water, so watch them about 5 or 10 minutes after.

bark potty (1) puppy potty training

3. Crate training

Getting your pup a crate is a great way to begin training! It’ll teach them that they have their own space at home. By teaching them they have a spot just for them, you can prevent developing separation anxiety.

4. Get some friends! Socialize your puppy with other dogs

Go on walks where your pup will meet others! It is very important for a young dog to socialize because they learn to read social cues.

This will help them when they’re older. They will learn to recognize when a dog wants to play, fight or simply be left alone.

They will get stimulated and use their brain when socializing with other dogs which is a big part of puppy training.

the 10 best puppy training tips

5. Show him love and gain his trust

If your pup is either adopted or bought from a pet shop, they need to understand they’re safe around you…

Your dog needs to learn to feel comfortable around you, the way you can do this is by petting them, offering them treats or just keeping a calm vibe around them.

Remember to also respect their space around the house. Keep their blankets, bed and place where they go potty clean.

Think about trying new options that’ll keep the house a bit cleaner and smell-free like the Bark Potty

6. Teach your puppy the basic commands

Learning basic commands will stimulate your dog’s cognitive function.

Teach them things like sit, stand, wait or paw. You can do this by using the luring technique.

Use a cookie to lure your dog into the correct position and then give them a treat so they understand they did right.

Prevent bad behavior in dogs with puppy training

7. Prevent your dog from biting

Teething will frustrate any dog owner no matter how patient they are.

Your puppy will start to bite everything at its reach. Teach them a basic ”NO” command and when they bite everything, ignore them…

Dogs crave attention from their owners so this will make them think twice. Learn more about how to train your dog to stop teething with online help


8. Praising your dog for doing good

Use dog treats or petting to let your dog know they’ve done well!

They need to be reminded what it’s like to do a good job. Try using a high toned voice or a ”happy” tone that they’ll start to recognize as a positive situation.


9. Prevent bad behavioural problems

Is your dog biting and chewing everything he can find? Does he bark at other dogs or humans and jump up on the table?

We know a new puppy can be very challenging, but trust us, you CAN make even the most destructive puppy into your obedient best friend. You just need patience and puppy training.


  • Avoiding situations where your dog might lose control. Your dog will learn to recognize situations where they can and can’t act certain ways.


  • Getting a proper training program and following it for at least 4 weeks. This will make it clear for your dog that YOU are in control and you will gain their trust.


  • Let you dog know that you are THE BOSS and they can count on you! This will make them relax and stop the bad behavior.

Prevent bad behavior in dogs with puppy training

10. Activate your puppy by playing with him

Playing is a very important part of any animal’s life. This helps your dog’s social development and they will learn how to control impulses.

You must be attentive during play because here, they will learn the rights and wrongs of playtime. Remember, there is a limit between playing and fighting and sometimes it’s a very small limit.

Yay! Now you know the basics about how to train a new puppy!

Check out more of our articles on puppy training. There is sure much more they can learn. Puppies are like sponges that absorb a lot of knowledge in no time.

Is your dog ready for Potty Training? Read our article and teach them how!

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