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8 Important things to know about Rescue Dogs

8 important things you need to understand about Rescue dogs

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We have gathered the 8 most important things to know about rescue dogs!

Rescue dogs are undoubtedly amazing friends, companions, and family members; however, they require a lot of attention and patience to train.

Are you a dog lover and have a wish to adopt a shelter puppy? If yes, then this article will provide everything you need to know about rescue dogs.

1.  Be aware… You will get a furry best friend

a furry best friend

Are you looking for ways to cope positively with your everyday boredom and get relief from it? So what can be a better choice than bringing a deserving furry friend into your life?

However, it would be best if you make sure that he’s the right fit. Rescue dogs are considered a man’s best friend for a long time because of their loyalty and faithfulness.

You can ease your loneliness, depression, boredom, relieve stress with your furry companion, who will always be there for you. This mutual friendship relation benefits both the owner and the dog.

2.  Rescue dogs are unique

One of the tings you need to know about rescue dogs, is the they are all unique!

Adopting a rescue dog has several advantages, the most important of which is that you have saved an animal’s life.

Even if you’re interested in adopting from a no-kill shelter, keep in mind that depending on the shelter’s resources, if a dog isn’t taken quickly enough, it may be shuttled somewhere. Furthermore, a space at the shelter allows another animal to be rescued.

happy rescue dog

Vaccinations are almost often completed when pets are adopted from shelters. Many shelters will also spay or neuter your dog for you. Any health issues that the dog had when he came to the shelter have at least begun to be addressed.

Consider how much money you’ve saved on medical bills. The bond you form with a rescue dog is one of a kind. This animal adores and respects you more than you can imagine!

Nothing can separate you and your new pet once they learn to trust and love you. Rescue dogs are famed for their unwavering loyalty in the face of adversity.

3.   Rescue dogs need time to adjust

One of the most important things to know about rescue dogs, is that they need time to adjust to their new home. Getting a new dog is a very gratifying experience, but there will be an adjustment period, just like any other pet. Our dogs, like us, enjoy having a routine; therefore, being consistent throughout the first few weeks will be crucial in assisting your dog in adjusting.

You can expect your new puppy or older dog to need a few days to settle in, whether you just received them or adopted them. These pointers will assist your dog in making a move.

Here’s how to make your new puppy feel at ease in your house. Now we will be discussing a few tips and tricks to make your dog comfortable in the new home;

Slowly begin to allow your dog to relax

Take it easy on your dog for the first few days to allow him to acclimatise to his new surroundings. He’ll be grateful for some one-on-one time to get to know his new family and surroundings.

Allow him to take his time exploring the house and yard. Some dogs require a long time to acclimatize to new environments, which can be taxing for them.

If you adopted and reclaimed your dog from a shelter, keep in mind that he likely came from a busy and stressful environment, and your quiet and warm house will be the first place he’s enjoyed a good night’s sleep in a long time.

During the first several days, don’t overstimulate your dog. Allow your dog to investigate things on its own if he or she is wary.

Allow your dog to have his own space

One method to make your new dog feel more at ease is to provide him with his cozy bed or haven where he may retire when he’s tired or overwhelmed. Some dogs require a little additional time to relax now and again, especially given the stress of being in an unfamiliar place.

If your new dog isn’t interested in cuddling or playing, provide him with something to do independently, such as a food-dispensing toy or a stuffed Kong. By putting tasty food in a Kong, you’re telling your new dog that you’re a great provider.

Give lots of attention.

One way you can make your dog feel more comfortable is by spending some quality time with him. Some dogs are attention seekers, and they need plenty of time to play around as it stimulates their mental and physical health.

4.  Gaining trust is very important

Trust forms the base of every relationship. Gaining trust and confidence from your rescue dog is a slow process that needs a lot of patience. You can establish a loving and trustable relation with your dog using suitable approaches and spending some quality time with them.

Here are a few points that you can take into consideration when gaining your dog’s trust;

  • Stay calm
  • Give them time and space
  • Take them for a walk
  • Let the dog approach you
  • Play with them
  • Offer some treats and rewards
  • Eliminate excessive noise
  •  Avoid staring and direct eye contact

5.  They might outsmart you… so you should Train Your Rescue Dog

Most rescue dogs are normal sweet and loving dogs that are easy to train. Some of these rescue dogs might even be smarter than you think and therefore also a lot more fun to train.

Training a rescue dog requires patience and hard work, as with any other dog, Read also: Are rescue dogs hard to train?

Some Rescue dogs can suffer from certain behavioural disorders because of their past experiences and traumas. The rescue dog can subject to aggression, anxiety, and destructive behaviour. This is why training them is one of the important things to know about rescue dogs.

However, with proper training, these behaviours can be minimized to a great extent. Try to be consistent and maintain a specific training routine as it is vital in teaching the rescue dogs their boundaries.

Basic commands each dog should be well aware of are;

sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, and no.

Rewarding them with treats and praise immediately after they do something good. If you want to know more about training a rescue dog read this article

6.  You will save money

Rescue dogs are much cheaper than buying a dog from a pet store. Thus you can save a lot of money. Adoption price is also relatively low, including all the expenses of first vaccination and spay or neuter.

You can also get a slight reduction on housebreaking and training expenses, but this usually varies from animal to animal. 

7.  You are saving a life

Save a rescue dog

When you adopt a shelter dog, it not only provides you a furry companion, but you are also saving a precious life. This also provides the dog an opportunity to have a loving family.

8.  Your rescue dog will be intensely loyal to you

Rescue dogs are undoubtedly highly loyal companions. They are a unique outlet for fun, drama, and play. They have this characteristic of bringing lots of laughter and endless amounts of love and happiness.

Don’t be discouraged if your new puppy doesn’t warm up to you the first night he’s with you. Dogs, like humans, have distinct personalities, with some being far more reserved and cautious than others.

Each dog is unique, with their own set of experiences and personality. It could take your rescue dog an hour or months to acclimatise to his new home.

Give your new rescue dog some time, a consistent schedule, and his own place, and he’ll soon feel at ease in his new surroundings. Before you know it, your new puppy will be your best friend.

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