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What is a Cavapoo? All the good & bad to know about the mixed poodle breed; size, health, personality, and much more

Cavapoo dog

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There are numerous dog breeds to choose from, as well as numerous factors to consider before purchasing your first puppy. One breed stands out among the others: the Cavapoo.

The Cavapoo is a crossbreed between two pure breeds: the Poodle and the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Due to its lovely looks and gentle disposition, the Cavapoo is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Because they are intelligent and have a pleasant, positive personality.

Educating a young Cavapoo not to urinate indoors is easier than teaching other breeds of similar size. This makes them suitable for busy individuals, elders, and families with older children.

What is a Cavapoo?


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A Cavapoo is a cross of two pure breeds, commonly known as “designer dogs.” The cavapoo, like the cockerpoo, is a hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a Poodle.

They were first produced in America in the 1950s, but first appeared in the UK in the 1990s. They are known as cavoodles in other places.

Cavadoodle and Cavoodle are some of the famous names used for this breed. Their sweet appearance, friendly and playful nature, loyalty, and kind temperament captivates and influences dog owners from all around the globe.

Their unique characteristics have kept them in the public eye for a long time.

Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Yes, Cavapoos are hypoallergenic dogs which means they do not trigger allergies.

According to a recent study, Cavapoos may have specific genetic health issues, so regular veterinary checkups are essential.

Cavapoos have a lot of energy and enjoy being active; they require a lot of exercise and mental stability to stay well-rounded, and they require owners who can devote the time necessary to do so on a regular basis.

Because of their intelligence, teaching them new tricks cognitively challenges and stimulates them. Walking keeps them fit and healthy, but you need keep an eye on their weight because they are prone to quickly gaining weight if not given enough exercise, which brings us to the following point about food and diet.

8 Facts about this adorable Poodle mixed Breeds

Here are eight interesting facts that you should know about these furry creatures:

  1. They were one of the first designer dogs produced.
  2. They are family-oriented and highly dependent on their owners.
  3. They require regular cleaning and grooming to keep their skin and coat healthy.
  4. They are highly popular for their friendly and loving personality.
  5. They are sensitive by nature and can easily suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for extended periods.
  6. They chase animals as they have inherited a high prey drive.
  7. They are considered excellent watchdogs.
  8. Their low shedding coat makes them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.


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Cavapoo Appearance &Size

Cavapoos have a soft, curly, wavy, or silky coat that comes in a variety of colors:

  • Chestnut
  • White
  • Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Fawn
  • Black
  • Gold

The quality of their coat that makes them able to tolerate moderate climatic conditions.

Their size is a mixture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle’s parents. They usually have a small to medium size that can fluctuate between 11 to 16 inches. However, Toy Cavapoos are genetically smaller than Miniature ones.

Round faces, a decent height of fewer than 14 inches, long ears, and almond-shaped eyes are the main features that make this breed highly popular.

Temperament & Personality

Are you in search of a loving furry best friend? Then what could be better than having a Cavapoo that is famed for its kind nature and loyal personality traits? They are undoubtedly a small breed with a big loving heart and a laid-back temperament.

Since they are fond of spending their time with their loved ones, they can suffer from behavioural issues like separation anxiety and destructive behaviour if left alone for a long time.

Do Cavapoos need a lot of Grooming?

Yes, Cavapoos require regular maintenance and grooming sessions. Their coat should be brushed daily to avoid any tangles and frizziness.

Regular teeth brushing, bathing, trimming, ear cleaning, and nail trimming should be a part of Cavapoo’s grooming routine.

Are they easy to Train?

These mixed breed poodles are easy to train because of their high learning skills. They inherit their intelligence from their parents. According to researchers, the poodle is the 2nd most intelligent breed in the world after the Border Collie.

It is highly preferable to start their training at an early age as they learn things quickly. You should arrange daily training sessions of 10 to 15 minutes and try to make them more fun and interesting to keep Cavapoos engaged.

You can consult various online training programs specially designed for them.

Cavapoo Puppies

Cavapoo puppies

You should be mindful of the following points for taking proper care of your Cavapoo puppies

  • To avoid serious health complications, take them for regular veterinary checkups.
  • Try to maintain their healthy weight; else, they may suffer from weight gain that eventually results in heart-related issues.
  • Brush their coat after bathing to get rid of frizz and tangles.
  • To avoid any dental problems, try to brush their teeth regularly.
  • Make a proper schedule of active play sessions and walk to prevent weight gain.

Pros and Cons of Cavapoo Dogs


  1. They are an excellent choice for people who are prone to various allergies as they are low-shedding dogs.
  2. They have high learning aptitude and, therefore, can be trained easily.
  3. They can easily adjust to new conditions.
  4. Their lifespan varies between 11 to 15 years.
  5. They have exceptionally calm and relaxed temperaments.


  1. They may suffer from separation anxiety and behavioural issues if left alone for an extended period.
  2. This breed needs a lot of attention from the owners.
  3. They require regular cleaning and grooming sessions to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.
  4. Their joints and bones are sensitive.
  5. They cannot tolerate high heat.

These cute creatures have proved to be excellent companions for both children and elders, you can also check our article about the Bernedoodle

If your lifestyle is not that busy and you have a plan to buy a dog that appears cute, is intelligent and friendly, Cavapoo may be just the pick of the bunch for you and your family.


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