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Does Dry Dog Food Go Bad? – Here’s how you can tell

Does dry dog food go bad

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We’ve all asked that question on our bulk buying shopping spree, “Does dry dog food go bad?” Let’s face it, everyone loves saving a quick buck here and there and sticking it in the penny jar.


As we see the jar fill, we dream of taking that trip or buying that thing. But, not all things are worth cutting corners for. When it comes to our pooches, their wellness is definitely not up for grabs.


Many people think dogs’ stomachs are indestructible. But, in the veterinary world, we see all too often the problems that can occur from improper feeding.


With that being said, to answer the burning question of the day, “Can dog kibble go bad?” Yes, it absolutely CAN! But, before you panic, there are ways that you can protect your pet and store their food safely.

Does Dry Dog Food Go Bad?

The first thing to consider before worrying about “Does dry dog food go bad?” is how long your bag is good for. Not all foods are built equally. But a few things you can consider to know how long the bag will last.

Things that can make dog food go bad faster:

  • Best before date on the bag.
  • Storing the food in an Airtight container.
  • Recommended consumption time on bag.
  • The moisture content of the food.
  • Added ingredients with fresher derivatives such as veggies.
  • Packaging material. Ie: plastic, cardboard derived, or foil coated.


These things will affect how long food will last as is. Even if the bag is unopened! As you can imagine, a foil-lined bag might last a bit longer due to temperature control properties. Or, if your dog chunks include those special little veggie-based chunks they love so much. Those might spoil faster than just regular old dog food.


This goes hand-in-hand with moisture content. A bag of specialized dog chunks with added oil to make for a more moisture-rich kibble might spoil faster too.


However, above all, before freaking out about “Does dry dog food go bad?” read what the bag says. The manufacturers have factored in all these things to determine how long their product will last. I think you’ll be surprised by how short the consumption window really is!


To make your life easier, it is generally between 12 months to 2 years unopened. But, if the bag is opened in any way, it could go bad in as little as two weeks!

Signs Of Spoiled Dog Food

If you aren’t sure how long your bag has been opened and you don’t have a decorative dog food container, airtight. Or, you don’t know does dry dog food expire then check for signs of spoil manually.


  • The food is past the expiration date.
  • Your dog turns his nose up at his meal.
  • The food starts to smell different than usual.
  • You can see noticeable signs of mold on the chunks. Ie. White fuzz, spots, residue.
  • Insects nesting or breeding in the food.
  • Your dog acts unwell or vomits after eating the food.
can dog kibble go bad
Mold and batteria on dry dog food

Yes, these seem like obvious things. But, you know how busy things can get! We don’t always think twice about what we do on autopilot. We simply scoop up the food and go through the motions of feeding time. Becoming more aware is the first step.

Dangers for your dog

Don’t feel silly wondering does dry dog food expire. Just this simple thought can save your pet a trip to the veterinary ER. Little Scruffy can also get a belly ache!

In fact, dogs can even get salmonella! So, here are some of the dangers associated with doggies eating spoiled dog kibble.

Dangers of eating spoiled dog food:

  • An upset tummy: Nausea and vomiting. (Poor Scruffy!)
  • Malnutrition from repeated nausea and vomiting.
  • Botulism in contaminated kibble. A very rare disease affecting products with meat.
  • Salmonella in contaminated kibble. Also rare and mostly mild, but severe cases do occur.
  • Coli in contaminated kibble. Causes high levels of bacteria in the blood, in other words, blood poisoning.


See what we mean about not worrying about feeling silly asking can dog kibble go bad?  However, do remember that contaminated cases are very rare and most of the time kibble a little past its best before date is not likely to cause a problem. Awareness is key!

does dry dog food expire

And, the good news is, with a decorative dog food container, you can make your dogs chunks last even longer.

How To Store Dry Dog Food Safely

Now, for the best part! How to make every penny count and never waste a dog chunk again. The solution is so simple, it’s actually silly. All you need is an airtight dog food container. It can even be a decorative dog food container! Who said kibble storage had to be ugly?

Our recommended decorative dog food container is airtight and foldable, with super capacity and great aesthetic qualities. It will neatly fits right into your home. And, keeps mold and moisture at bay, while trapping in the delicious (not!) dog food smells.

foldable dog food container

What did we tell you about simple? Well, here’s everything this one simple airtight dog food container has install for you.

Best parts:

  • Airtight design to trap in odors and keep out insects and mold.
  • Super convenient with an aesthetic appeal. You can stay safe, AND stylish!
  • Foldable for size adjustment.
  • Great portability with wheels and smaller size mode.
  • Durable with only the best high-quality PP and BPA-free food-grade materials.


No more folding and pegging your dog food bags every feeding. Simply pop open the lid, scoop, and feed!

Dog food container decorative

No More Fuss and Bother

We never knew safe kibble storage would be so simple. After years of putting up with smelly fingers after unrolling and reaching into the dog food bag. This little bin works a charm!


Finally, we can quiet that thought of “Does dry dog food go bad?” once and for all. Yes, it does, but it doesn’t have to!

If you want to know more about dog health, check out our article about how to make your dog live longer through nutrition.


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