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Effective Training: Teach Your Dog To Be Home Alone

Teach your dog to be home alone

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Time to teach your dog to be home alone?

Dogs are naturally not used to being alone because they are pack animals. As a pet parent and now a professional dog trainer, I’ve come to realize that it’s not so easy to detach from someone you’ve grown to love so passionately.

Here is how I taught my dog and other pups in my care to overcome separation anxiety in dogs and barking when left alone.


Teach Your Dog To Be Home Alone

Let’s be honest, if we could we would probably bring our dogs with us everywhere we go! I mean come on it’s my best friend! But the reality is that we all need to go to work, the doctors, grocery shopping and other places where we just can’t bring our furry best friend. Therefore it is best for both of you to teach your dog to be home alone.


One of the essential things I like to remind pet parents is to ensure that their dog is trained to be left alone before they ever leave their dog alone. Or when they see the early signs of separation anxiety in dogs like barking when left alone.


And trust me, as a pet owner, you do NOT want to rush through this phase or assume that you can be done in a day or two, because this could lead to separation anxiety in dogs. Therefore, we recommend starting as early as possible.



First, Attend To Their Basic Needs

Make sure your dog has been on a long walk and run off some of his energy before starting to teach your dog how to be home alone. Feed your dog and give him water and a cozy bed to lay in.

Make an effort to connect with and understand your pup; Until it becomes natural for him to enjoy his training sessions with you.

It’s important to attend to your dog’s basic needs before training, so you will have their full attention and they will be relaxed and comfortable.

Ollie cooked healthy dog food

Avoid Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is caused by the fear of being left alone and loosing the pack. Dog’s are pack animals and therefore it is abnormal for dogs to be alone. In order to avoid separation anxiety in dogs, you need to teach him that it is okay to be alone and that you will always comes back.

A cozy space for you dog gives them a sense of security and pampers his territorial instinct, so making a part of your home his safe space one is a good move.


If your pup is barely 3 months or less, let him spend time alone in his own space or crate for up to 10 minutes to start with before increasing the timeframe gradually.


When my pup was approximately three months till when he clocked 6 months, I trained him to stay alone for up to 4 hours every day. Training my dog early on paid o he got used to the fact that I’ll always come back for him.


I recommend that you do likewise to avoid separation anxiety in dogs.


Is Your Dog Barking When Left Alone? – Get A Camera!

When I was first got my pup and brought him home for the first time, I decided to give him the best of my care and attention. I just thought he could be the most loved pet in the world, and I was willing to put in the efforts needed to raise him right.

One of his issues was that he has barking when left alone. This was due to separation anxiety and I needed to train him to be home alone. But the thing is, how can you know if everything is okay when you’re NOT home to check on your dog?

We recommend getting a camera so you can check on you pup when he is home alone. With a good camera you can even hear if your dog is barking when left alone and then talk back to him to calm him down!

How freakin smart is that!?

If your schedule is busy and you can’t always be at home with you dog, we really recommend getting a camera that gives you the opportunity to check up on your dog and see what they are up to while you’re away.

The PetCube Camera has a new edition where you can through treats to your dog while you’re away!

We reeeeeaaally recommend trying this out guys, it’s life changing.

teach you dog to be home alone


Let Your Dog Know It’s Okay To Be Left Alone

If your dog is too dependent on you, you may need to start giving him some cold shoulders. But try not to overdo it because it could result in further behavioural issues.


Here’s what you can do to teach your dog to be home alone:

Because I had invested so much of myself in my dog, I knew it’ll be challenging to act otherwise. First, I started by minimising the rate at which he snuggles beside me while I’m on the couch.


Then I consciously gave him less attention and, of course, less playtime with me. I got new toys to keep him engaged instead. But like I said earlier, I was careful not to overstretch the separation.


So far, we’ve enjoyed a cordial relationship and grown to understand ourselves better ever since.



Seek Professional Help

When you seek professional help and attend an online dog training program like this, you have full access to the right mentorship and how to raise your pup right.


Moreover, you would get to understand your dog and take charge of raising him in such a way that any extra effort to hire someone who can get your dog to be on his best behaviour will be unnecessary.


Do you know that there’s a right and wrong approach to dealing with separation anxiety in dogs and how to teach your dog to be home alone?


I understood the difference, and I’ve been teaching others pet parents through the online dog training program.

My goal is to guide you on how to build an enviable relationship with your furry friend(s).


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