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How to help your dog live a longer life through nutrition

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Did you know most domestic animal diseases are caused because they’re fed wrong diets? Read on and learn how to help your dog live a longer life!

We understand that feeling you get when you see your pup sleeping at night and they look ridiculously cute. We’ve all had those feelings of ”OMG, they’re so cute” and also darker feelings like, ”I hope they live many years so I can enjoy them for as long a possible. Well, good news. We here at Barkli Collective have a group of veterinarian students to help us guide you! That means we will give you the best advice possible on how to take care of your pup.


We will use all of our knowledge in clinical nutrition, to give you the best tips and tricks on how to help your dog live a longer life!


Dog eating fresh dog food

The reasons why good nutrition is important for your dog

Vets daily encounter chronic diseases caused by a poor diet. Commercial foods don’t all include the macronutrients that you dog needs to stay healthy and live a long life. If these nutrients are not supplemented, it can lead to certain disorders in the bones, kidney or digestive system.

There are many factors that set standards for good nutrition in different dog breeds. These depend on things like: breed, age, energy requirements, daily activities and so on. Visiting a veterinary nutritionist is a good idea because they will prescribe a perfect diet depending on your dog’s exact needs.

There are also some online programs that will design the perfect dog food for your pooch. There are some very active breeds, such as Dalmatians, but there are also lazy breeds, such as English Bulldogs. Based on this, they might need more or less energy and this is where picking the right kind of dog food comes in.

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How much should you feed your dog?

It is very important to learn how to understand dog food labels because these will tell you exactly what is in your kibble. Check out table on the back of your dog food, explaining the amount of food you should feed your dog. Some dogs like to be fed twice a day and some are fine with just once. We recommend feeding your dog in the morning after you first walk and in the evening after your last walk.

It is also important to note that dog food comes in different forms. Kibble comes in small, medium or large size depending on the size your breed is. There are also dog food programs that can deliver the perfect food right to your house! A great program is Ollie, they create a special diet plan for your dog to absorb as many nutrients possible from their diet. They also help you out with


Diseases due to bad nutrition

When you do not use nutritional dog food, this can cause your dog to start having trouble in their digestive system or reflect as other issues in different systems. To help your dog live a longer life it is important that you feed then the right diet. Here are some of the diseases that can be caused from a poor diet.


  • Obesity is one of the main and most frequent disorders in dogs that do not have a balanced diet. This is very common when owners do not set boundaries between human food and dog food. Pups are fed whatever is lying around the house. Foods high in fat or carbohydrates must not be given to pups because this can quickly cause obesity.


  • Diabetes is a disease that can be caused by a poor diet. Diabetes is very frequently associated with obesity because they result from an uncontrolled diet. Large amounts of macronutrients, in this case, carbohydrates, are in the diet and the body needs insulin to deliver glucose inside the cell. The body stops recognizing nutrients which can cause blindness or loss of front or back legs.


  • Bad skin and fur are common issues from a bad diet. There are specific nutrients that feed the skin and fur and if not included in your dog’s diet, it can end up effecting the quality of their fur and skin. Bad nutrition can lead to symptoms such as; peeling of the skin, dry fur or thinning of the fur.Remember to include or make sure your dog has all, or some, of the following foods in their dog food: eggs, fish, vitamin D, iron, zinc and there is an endless list of nutrients. These are important macro nutrients that need to be in your dog’s food. Make sure you keep an eye on the packaging!

Ingredients in good and healthy dog food

  • Age related diets
    Some people don’t like acknowledging that as a dog grows older, they will have different dietary requirements. There are different kinds of dog food on the market, and special kinds of brands that specialize in certain breeds and ages. The age and breed of your dog will tell you what kind of kibble you need to feed them. For larger breeds, you might have to use nickel or quarter sized kibble. For smaller breeds, dime sized or even less sized kibble is a better idea.If you feed a very old dog with puppy food, you can end up causing kidney issues. Puppy dog food contains large quantities of protein and older dogs have a harder time filtering it through their kidneys and the excess protein can make them sick.

Our recommendations for healthy dog food with natural ingredients

There are so many incredible healthy dog food plans out there! We can recommend a couple, from experience. Check out Ollie, they deliver great quality dog food with natural dog food and all you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your pooch, and they’ll send you your dog’s personalized food to your doorstep. This is great for your dogs health but it also makes it a lot easier for you.


  • Ollie – Freshly Cooked and delivered to your house!
  • Orijen – Dry food Kibble
  • Acana – Dry food Kibble

Sometimes your dog needs a little help and tweaking their food is the way to go! Consider visiting a veterinarian doctor or nutritionist that’ll help you choose the best food for them and help your dog live a longer life.

Remember that dog nutrition is one of the pillars of health and it is the best ways you can show your pooch you love them! A balanced diet, delicious dog food all packed with nutrients is the way to go!

Ollie cooked healthy dog food

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