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Masterclass on Dog Training – Honest Review

masterclass on dog training

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Are you wondering if the Masterclass on dog training is worth it? Do you need to gain trust with your dog? Correct an unwanted behavior, or teach your dog the basic commands and get the obedient dog of your dreams?

We have tried out the MasterClass by Brandon McMillan and have all the answers to your questions! Here at Barkli we are a group of dog loving experts that have tried sooo many dog behaviour courses online. Therefore we know all about what is out there! We will give you an HONEST review of this course, so you can make the right decision on what dog training course suits you and your dog.

Keep reading and find out the pros and cons of Brandon McMillan’s masterclass dog training review.

Masterclass on dog training Brandon McMillan

Who Is the Trainer – Brandon McMillan?

Brandon Mcmillan is an expert dog trainer and has been for over 40 years. He has won three Emmy Awards for the show “Lucky Dog” and is the founder of Argus Service Dog Foundation.

He was born in a family of full of expert pet trainers and grew up training wild animals for movies and the circus. Then he started his dog training journey after he helped training an injured war veteran dog. The veteran dog had lost both his legs in an Afghan conflict.

Brandon McMillan decided to adopt all the dog’s from the animal shelter and train them to become obedient family members. He trained shelter dogs for years and realized he had a new mission in life: “To train dogs to change people’s lives”.


What does the Masterclass on Dog Training Contain?

When you are looking at dog behaviour courses onlineyou want it to be worth your money right? We totally get that, which is why we have reviewed everything in this MasterClass. A dog training class need to include really good methods, be easy to understand and teach you all the things you need for it to be worth the money.  Here is an outline on what this class contains

Creating Trust

A good bond with your furry best friend is very important in order to properly train your dog. You need to create trust with your dog so they know that you are the leader and can they can rely on you. The Masterclass starts of by teaching how important trust is for an effective training, Brandon covers:

  • Easy methods to build trust and a good bond with your dog
  • Why you should remain patient when building trust
  • Why and how you should lead instead of dominate your dog
  • The major thing that narrates 90% of dog’s behavior issues


Masterclass on dog training

Basic Obedience Training for Puppies & Adult Dogs

Most of the digital dog training class is revolving around basic obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. It takes around 1hr 40 min to complete this part of the course, which you of course can watch as many times as you want. Brandon McMillan explains all the 7 commands bellow:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • No
  • Off
  • Come
  • Heel

Brandon McMillan shows how to train different dogs throughout the training, and is very thorough in explaining how to train each command to your dog. His methods are flawless for the basic obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. 

The commands are shown on different dogs with specific traits, which makes it suitable for you no matter what kind of dog you have.


Tips for Housebreaking a Puppy

This part of the digital dog training class is filled with tips for housebreaking a puppy. If you just got a new puppy and you need help with house breaking her, this is the perfect course for you! Brandon McMillan teaches flawless methods on how to teach your dog to pee outside.

His method is called the Housetraining Triangle, and it seems to be very easy with instant results. These tips for housebreaking a puppy are great for you if you live in an apartment, but it will of course also work if you live in a house.

He demonstrates curelty-free training, with NO punishment.

dog behaviour courses online

Behavioral Issues

To round up the Masterclass, he talks about some behavioural issues that can take control of your dog. He talks about how to figure them out early on, and then how to get rid of them. Brandon teaches how to control your dog if she is latched on to any of  the behavioral issues.

In comparison to other dog behaviour courses online, the Masterclass on dog training is focussing more on basic obedience training for puppies and adult dog. But, the digital dog training class goes through these behavioural issues:

  • Digging
  • Peeing indoors to mark their territory
  • Inappropriate and excessive barking
  • Door dashing
  • Chewing

masterclass dog training review

Who Is It Suitable For?

Through this Masterclass dog training review, we have found out what type of dogs and dog owners this class would be suitable for.

Are you a new dog owner and would like to train your puppy or new adult dog? Then this Masterclass on dog training is perfect for you! The Class is good for all dog breeds and all ages. It is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, furthermore it is best for a new relationship between you and your dog.

The digital dog training course is really good if you just got a new dog and you want to create a solid bond with him. It also works great if you want to teach basic obedience training for puppies or your older dog, and fix any of the mentioned behavioral issues. There are great tips for housebreaking a puppy or adult dog, so if your dog still pees inside, Brandon McMillan will teach you how to fix it.


Masterclass dog training review












How Much is the Brandon McMillan MasterClass?

Compared to other dog behaviour courses online, MasterClass offers A LOT of value for money!

When you sign up for the MasterClass on dog training by Brandon McMillan you also get access to all other courses on the platform. The MasterClass platform has over 100 different courses from amazing instructors such as Gordon Ramsey and Alicia Keys. Including other home and lifestyle classes such as Ron Finley teaches gardening and Alice Waters teaches cooking.

They have courses teaching you; how to garden, cook food, dance, make music, create your own business and much more.

Therefore we think that you get high value for money when subscribing  to MasterClass. You have to sign up annually, but let’s be honest you could easily spend a year on this platform with that many top quality courses.

If you don’t like it – there is a 30-day money back guaranty.


  • 15$ a month (Annual Subscription 180$)
  • 30-day Money Back Guaranty
  • 100+ Instructors on the Platform


Pros & Cons


  • The best expert trainer
  • For all dog breeds
  • High value for money
  • Flawless training methods
  • Easy to understand
  • Access to ALL courses on MasterClass


  • Mostly for new dog owners
  • No one-on-one training


Honestly – Is It Worth It?

This MasterClass dog training review has shown us that overall this course is really worth your money. If you compare it to other dog behaviour courses online, this has more value for money and one of the best dog trainers in the world. The quality of the videos in the class are filmed to perfection and the instructions are very easy to understand and follow.

Brandon McMillan shares some flawless training methods here that we simply just can’t deny. If you are getting a dog and want to build trust and teach your new dog to be the obedient dog of your dreams. Or if you have a dog that has trouble being obedient or has behavioral issues, the Masterclass on dog training is a great option for you!

We wouldn’t recommend you getting this course if your dog has separation anxiety, because they don’t cover this issue in the class. If you want to make sure they cover the specific behavior issue your dog has, go further up in the article where we tell you exactly what issues Brandon McMillan covers in the MasterClass.

masterclass dog training review

Check out the trailer on the class:

We hope you found this masterclass dog training review useful, and we hope you end up creating a strong bond with your dog!

If you would like to know more on dog training, we have a whole section on it, so feel free to go and explore.


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