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5 New Tricks To Teach Your Dog – That Will Impress

New tricks to teach your dog

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Every time my dog stares at me lovingly or tries any of the new tricks I taught it, I feel overjoyed and like a really proud owner. If your dog prefers to be all by himself, no hot chase, less action, then probably, it’s because you’re not yet aware of the new tricks to teach your dog or given him enough attention.


In case you’re asking how I transformed my canine friend from being a loner to an exciting and impressive dog with lots of playtime energy?


Check out some of my easy dog tricks!


Raising An Obedient Dog

After years of being a pet owner and instructor- helping others improve their relationship with their pup, I found out that every dog likes to play and respond to commands.

Of course, your furry friend will not pick up the new tricks at once. Didn’t we say Rome was not built in a day?… Luckily, you can rest assured that eventually, he’ll be a pro at it, provided you start training him early enough.


I often joke about it from time to time- one of the earliest cool dog tricks I introduced to my pup was the Dance trick. Maybe because I just wanted someone that could share the same passion I was developing for it. But it paid off! My pup was first unwilling to learn the basic commands, and I knew I had to be patient with him.

After a while, I’m starting to ask who the better dancer is in both of us… And that’s an “embarrassing” fact.


New Dog Tricks You Can Start Right Away

1 Play Dead

New tricks to teach your dog

Relax! Playing Dead is nothing too serious and wouldn’t cause any defects to your pup. It’s just a term used to describe a trick where a dog lays on his side with his belly exposed after his owner gives the command. It’s an easy and cool trick that you and your pet will absolutely enjoy, especially in the presence of friends and loved ones.


How To:

If your dog is already familiar with the “down” and “stay” commands it’ll be easy for him to catch up on this new trick. Dogs seldom like to lie on their side. You can start by celebrating your pup each time you find him in this position. Then take it a step further after about 24-48 hours by using a term like “Sleep.”


Next, gently caress the belly of your dog to make it calm.


Watch out for the side he’ll lie on and ensure it’s the most used posture. You may need to repeat this process several times till your dog gets familiar with the command. Then hand him a tasty treat for every time he complies.


2 Teach Your Dog To Kiss

New tricks to teach your dog

A dog loves who he kisses! Who doesn’t like a kissing pup, anyway?

Consider this one of the new tricks to teach your dog, and never assume he’ll catch up on his own.


Although licking is a natural canine behavior, your pet may not share this side of themselves with you because while he was still a pup, he might have been taught not to lick.


Luckily, Kiss is one of the easy dog tricks he can still catch up on.


How To:


  • Place a bit of peanut butter(or any soft food that can conveniently stick to your cheek) on any side of your cheek
  • Then while your dog is within your range, say a phrase/command like “kiss.”
  • Move closer to your dog, and you can be sure he’ll reach for the food on your cheek.
  • Practice these cool dog tricks as many times as possible in a day. Use the command “Good” when he complies, and support that with his yummiest treats.
  • Before long, your dog will happily plant a kiss at the sound of the phrase “Kiss.”


3 Bark On Command

When I wanted to introduce this fun trick to my dog, first, I had to figure out the trigger. I observed that when a visitor is at the door or at times when he sights my neighbour’s pet, he barks noisily, till I say the command “silent.” There and then, I knew I could use that to my advantage.


How To

  • If you find your dog barking for whatever reason, say his name and add the command “Speak.” For instance, “True, Speak.”
  • Repeat the command if he barks again. And reward him with a treat or any simple gift after each session.
  • Look out for opportunities that’ll make him bark and keep using the command “(Your dog name), Speak” at each instance.
  • That’s how to train him to bark on command.


4 Teach Your Dog Roll Over

New tricks to teach your dog

Getting your pup to rollover can be a lot of fun. Imagine giving him that command while your friends are over at your house. It’s enough to pamper your ego and make them wish they had a trained dog like yours.


How To:

  • Get your dog used to the “Down” Command till he lays down on the floor.
  • Get his favorite treat and hold it close to the tip of his nose. Then give the command “rollover.”
  • From there, move the treat to his shoulder, and he’ll turn his head to follow the treat.
  • Next, make him lie down on his side by moving the treats around his shoulder.
  • Keep the treat close to his nose to entice him and move it on to his shoulder like that till it completes one full roll(you can measure this using a clicker). Then hand him a tasty treat.
  • Practice this often till it becomes natural for your pup to roll over at the command.


5 Teach Him How To Dance

teach you dog to dance

I’m convinced that this is one of the best new tricks to teach your dog. And guess what, it’s so much fun when you can dance to the music with your canine friend. I absolutely love these cool dog tricks, and I bet you would too.


How To:

  • First, you’ll need to encourage your pup to stand, and you can do this by luring him with a treat.
  • At the first few tries, he’ll not easily find his balance when his front legs are off the ground, but you can reward him for making an attempt.
  • Remember to use the command “Dance” while at it.
  • Practice this often, and soon enough, he should find his balance each time he suspends his front paws.
  • More so, extend the time he stays in this position gradually till he’s able to twirl conveniently on his hind legs.


My excitement is almost spilling over, so I’ll just hold it here.


Using these new tricks to teach your dog will expose the playful side of your canine friend and strengthen the bond of your friendship.


Think what would happen if you had access to more than 5 really cool dog tricks that can bring out the best in your pup. I bet you’ll gladly jump at the online training program as I have.

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