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Want a quick & easy way to an obedient dog WITHOUT spending hours on training?


dog training videos on demand

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Online dog training… What should you choose?

Let me guess: You’re here because you want to raise an obedient dog?

Perfect! Because we have tried out 5 of the best online dog training classes. We can now tell you about each of the classes, so you can choose the perfect program for you and your dog.

Choosing dog training videos on demand instead of physical classes, will make it much for convenient for you. You can train your dog at their pace without the limitations of a physical class.

But which is the cheapest? the easiest? Which one do you get more value for money? Keep reading and find out.

Here are our dog training reviews!


The Online Dog Training with Best Variety

Train Pet Dog

If you need an immediate remedy for the unruly and aggressive behavior of your dog, I recommend signing up for this free dog mini-course.


You’ll learn everything from:

  • New commands/ Dog obedience training
  • Eliminating bad behaviors
  • Housebreaking your dog
  • Adopting a dog


All within 6 days or less! However, keep in mind that the complete dog lover’s training course is at a current price of $67.


If you’d like to know more about Dog adoption, potty training, grooming, dog diet, and obedience training, this is one great place to start.




  • Convenient
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Free sign up and mini dog course
  • Engage and learn from the comfort of your home
  • Dog training videos on demand




  • Access to complete dog lover’s training course is not free

online dog training


Best on a Budget

Brain Training For Dogs

This comprehensive online dog training course is led by Andrienne Faricelli- CPDT-KA certified dog instructor.

The course covers core topics such as excessive barking, aggression, hyperactivity, dog disobedience, potty training, jumping, digging, and so much more. Our dog training review on this program is overall really positive, it has everything you really need for a great price.


The course is further sectioned into 7 modules that pet parents can easily understand and put to work.


  • Module 1 talks about dog obedience
  • Module 2 addresses how pet parents can give their dogs complete commands
  • Module 3 highlights impulse control and patience in dogs
  • Module 4 says a lot about how to develop your dog’s motor skills through play
  • Module 5 focuses on dog patient training
  • Module 6 gives insight into advanced motor skills
  • Module 7 touches on more advanced training like training your dog to clean himself up after playing





  • Led by an accredited dog trainer
  • Pet parents can access up to 100 dog training articles
  • Has 7 learning models
  • Techniques are free of force
  • Includes brain training games for your dog
  • Dog training videos on demand



  • The complete course is not free- cost $47

dog training videos on demand

Check out some FREE tips on how to train you puppy.


Best Overall 

Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training – Masterclass

Now this class we are just on our tails about!

Brandon McMillan, Emmy-winning host of Lucky Dog and expert/world-class dog trainer, is your instructor throughout this online dog training program.

First of all Brandon McMillan has created a really good online dog training class together with Masterclass. Buuut… You also get access to all other classes on Masterclass if you sign up! So the value of this package is really good.

Brandon McMillan, Emmy-winning host of Lucky Dog and expert/world-class dog trainer, is your instructor throughout this online dog training program.


This comprehensive and intensive course includes audio lessons, PDF workbook. And the course itself is hosted by Masterclass. It’s by far an exceptional course that you should take as a pet owner and the best online dog training class.


Some of the lessons you’ll learn will be on housebreaking, commands, signs, etc, all with actionable steps.



  • Includes foundational training
  • Led by world-class dog trainer
  • Practical and easy-to-understand lessons
  • Affordable when billed annually
  • Access to over 100 categories and classes for subscribers
  • High value for money
  • Dog training videos on demand





  • No one-on-one calls
  • Not costomizable


We actually got you a special deal on this program! You can get up to 35% off your subscription by clicking on this link

But hurry up! Because it’s only valid until the 27th. June 2022.


Most Customizable Online Dog Training

Peach On A Leash

Learn everything from obedience and manners, separation anxiety, new pup training, solving behavioral problems, and so much more in this effective dog training school.


The main objective of this course is to get you from novice to expert, make your dog respond to your commands, and build a sustainable relationship with him.


This means you do not need a dog trainer to be present with you physically to see positive changes in your pup. Our opinion after this dog training review, is that it is a great program but a bit pricey.




  • Extensive and comprehensive course.
  • Practical and actionable videos.
  • Amazing training modules.
  • Free guide available on how to get your dog to come when you call it the first time.
  • Dog training videos on demand




  • It’s a bit pricy, the online dog training course starts at $299
  • No one-on-one calls

dog training videos on demand

Best Membership Program

Doggy Dan

The dog training program is both suitable for pet parents who have puppies and adult dogs. Whether your dog is dealing with separation anxiety or you want to teach your puppy the basic commands, this online dog training program  has got you!

During the intensive course, you’ll literally see how the instructor’s pup “Moses” grew from an infantry stage(8 weeks to be precise) to maturity- teaching that many still consider invaluable.

Learn the rudiments and step-by-step guide on how that was achieved. And why over 50,000 people have said that they felt like they were in a one-on-one consultation all through the the dog training.


The online dog trainer platform is in two parts:


Consultation At My Property

This package is for pet parents who prefer to have a physical training class at the trainer’s 3.5-acre property found in Muriwai Auckland. The classes(1 on 1 consultation) will last for 2 hours between Monday to Friday with solutions that cater to:


  • Your preferred learning style and how you engage with your pup/dog
  • The results you desire to see in your pup/dog after the training program
  • The unique character and personality of your pup/dog since no two pups/dogs are the same.



At the end of the class, not only will your dog be trained and in its best physical and mental state. But you will have learned how to sustain. And improve the condition of your dog because you’ll now know what to do.


The best of all is that in this package, pet parents will automatically qualify for 3 months of Free Access To The Online Dog Trainer program.


Price: $600 INC. GST. Payment In Advance


Remember, I said earlier that the online dog training program is in two parts, depending on what you prefer. Let’s analyze the second part. I know you’ve been waiting to hear.


dog training videos on demand

This is strictly online, and so far, it has served over 50,000 pet parents and still counting. The course is detailed, easy-to-understand, practical, and solutions-driven.


It covers 6 parts, namely;

  • The Dog Calming Code
  • Perfect Puppy Program
  • Perfect Moses Video Diary
  • Everyday Tools And Techniques
  • All Dog Problems Solved
  • Dan’s Dog Training 101



All the videos and explanations are led by your instructor, Doggy Dan- from The TV Series Dog Almighty. So, you can rest assured of getting consistent quality and in-depth approach.




  • Watch the videos at your timing and at your convenience
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Rewatch & recap as many times as you want to at no additional cost
  • Dog consultation videos are very practical and easy to follow
  • Unbiased and exceptional lessons on dog problems, dog training, Dog Calming Code ™, etc
  • Dog training videos on demand




  • $1 trial fee, but it helps you decide on whether to subscribe for the full package
  • Most pricey of all the programs


Wonder why they all made the list?

I selected these online dog training programs based on the competence of the instructors, how comprehensive their Training programs are, and the success/reviews that their training has amassed. We hope these dog training reviews helped you find the perfect program for you and your pup!


You can rest assured that these dog training videos on demand programs are worth every dollar invested.

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