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Warning! Are these 3 Ingredients in your dog’s food?

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Learn about what ingredients are in dog food. Your pup needs the best nutrition it can get. Sometimes we think we’re giving the best food, but we’re not. Here are some things to be aware of.

Our team of experts in dog nutrition are here to help! Leave the research to us, we’re a team of veterinarians, vet students and experts that will go through the latest scientific articles and explain the science briefly, so that you can make educated decisions on your pup’s diet.

Sharing our hands-on experience in dog nutrition and the ingredients in dog food is our passion! We’ll explain how to find the best food for your beloved pup!

Why some ingredients in dog food can be bad for your dog

Just like us humans that are always aware of what new ingredients might be in our food because they can make us sick, we have to be aware of what ingredients are in dog food.

There has been a huge growth in dog owners in the USA alone in the past ten years! This means more dog owners, more veterinary care, and more diversification of diets.

This also means that dog food has had to change in the past years. For this reason, manufacturers add new chemicals that can change the composition of dog food to make it last longer or taste different.

Chemicals can also be added to give dog food color and make it smells yummier, but this doesn’t always mean it’s a healthier choice. Some dog food ingredients are added to make food last longer.

They might also be used by manufacturers to decrease the price of production. All dog food ingredients aren’t legal in every country, so make sure you check the label before buying.


Signs that your dog has allergies

Keep a close eye on your pup’s behavior after buying new food! If you find that they have an upset stomach or cause your dog diarrhea for more than 2 or 3 days, it might be an allergy.

Food allergies occur because they might have eaten something that caused an irritation in the bowel. Some dog foods might have ingredients that are hard to digest and therefore, make your pup sick.

Vomiting can also be another common sign of dog allergies or even finding your pup a bit depressed. Be sure to keep a lookout for these signs! It might be time to visit the veterinarian.

The 3 most common ingredients in dog food you should avoid

  • Surprisingly… Corn Yes, corn can upset your dog’s digestive system easily. Since dogs are carnivores, their digestive system is a bit shorter and less evolved to digest fiber. It might be a better idea to buy dog food that is corn free. Try to find vegetable based or whole grain in the food label. Some food companies use this in their ingredients because it has a lower cost than other ingredients that can be more easily digestible and nutrient friendly.

corn in dog food

  • Carrageenan is another ingredient that is potentially dangerous. It is very common in canned and dry dog food. This ingredient is used to give food texture. Even though it is extracted from a natural source (red seaweed), it has been shown to upset the stomach or cause serious damage. A scientist from the University of Iowa have stated that carrageenan can cause bowel toxicity and is associated with the appearance of cancer and ulceration in the intestine.

BHA or BHT in dog food

  • BHA or BHT, This stands for beta hydroxy acid. BHA is added to dog food to extend the life and make it last longer. When the digestive tract is exposed to this chemical for a very long time, it can cause bowel disruption, allergies or ulcerations. Try to find dog foods with natural preservatives like vitamin C, E or rosemary. They might be a bit more expensive, but trust us, it’s worth it when you see how healthy your pup is going to be.

The dog food we recommend

Thankfully, there are new options on the market where you can find dog food filled with natural and healthy ingredients. Ollie is a company that designs the PERFECT dog food for your pup.

You’ll be able to avoid zig zagging between different dog food brands, asking yourself which one is better. Avoid all of those strange words manufacturers put on dog food labels that might sometimes be misleading.

All you have to do is answer a couple of questions regarding your dog’s age, breed, weight, energy requirements and the veterinarian nutritionists will figure out the rest.

The best part of it all is that it is delivered to your house on time and ready to serve! Check it out here

Now that you know a bit more about what ingredients to look out for in your commercial dog food brands, you can make better choices for your dog.

freshly cooked dog food plan

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